About Britton Edelen

Britt Edelen is currently a Ph.D. student in English at Duke University and focuses on English and German modernism, the relationships between philosophy (particularly Deconstruction, phenomenology, and psychoanalysis) and literature, and theories of language. Before beginning his doctoral studies, Britt studied English at Brown University, writing a thesis on the phenomenon of talking animals in ancient and modern literatures. He also worked at wikiHow as a Content Manager. When not reading for class or upcoming interviews, he enjoys going for long runs around Durham, playing with his cat Bartleby, and tracking down the best almond croissant in North Carolina.

Britt Edelen is a Ph.D. student in English at Duke University. He focuses on modernism and the relationship(s) between language, philosophy, and literature. You can find him on Twitter or send him an email.

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