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I am a recent college graduate expecting to attend grad school in International Affairs and Security this fall. As a frequent listener of The New Books Network, my interests have broadened, and my knowledge base has narrowed--allowing me to look at problems with new perspectives and extensive depth. For example, an episode on "An Environmental History of the Civil War" by J. Browning and T. Silver unlocked an environmentalist perspective that I had yet to consider in my own work. While NBN hosts are experts in their field, I offer the unique, unbound curiosity of a student hurtling toward a master's degree followed by a Ph.D. My experience in radio--writing, producing, and hosting a weekly hour-long radio broadcast--included interviews with local officials and field experts. That work can be found at soundcloud.com/kylebeadle/sets/klsu-interviews. At NBN, I would bring this radio experience to record clear, serious, scholarly interviews in my areas of interest, such as the intersection between politics, technology, and society. I wish to take part in this organization that has given me so much understanding and entertainment. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kyle Beadle is a recent graduate of Louisiana State University, where he studied International Studies and Spanish. He is now seeking a master’s in International Relations and Security.

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